How To Enjoy Your Single Life

You met in high school, fell in love, got married, had 2.5 children, and thought life would go on forever. But it didn’t. No matter how it happened, you’ve found yourself suddenly single again. Your new companions are solitude and loss. How do you bounce back? How do you move beyond the past and into the future?

No one is going to tell you it is easy and there is no manual to help you negotiate the rough road ahead. However, there are a few travel tips to get you on your way.

1) Get outside.

Yes, that’s right. Leave the sanctity (and depression) of the four walls surrounding you, and get out. Go to the mall, take yourself out for lunch, do anything, but don’t stay at home. You might think your home is comforting, but in reality, it’s isolating and only compounds your loneliness.

2) Rediscover your passion.

Think back to your inner teen. What was it that got you excited to be alive? What were your goals, dreams, or aspirations? No matter how old you are, it’s never to late to tackle them, on some level. Take art classes, flying lessons, clown school, or whatever floats your boat. Now, you have time to spend selfishly on your personal interests without interruption. Take advantage of it.

3) Don’t shop for a replacement.

Often, we want to fill the void as fast as possible. We look at everyone as though they are potential mates. Stop. Bad relationships are born of bad decisions. We gloss over imperfections and fail to see trouble when it’s staring right at us, because we’re desperate for companionship. Get a cat (not 30) to keep you company, and work on being your own best friend first. When you no longer need anyone, that’s when you’re ready to find that special person.

4) Find your own kind.

From jogging to creative writing, there are special interest groups everywhere, for everything. Join one (or more) and connect with people who share your hobbies. Not only will it provide a great stimulus for that project you’ve had on the back burner, but it will also give you an opportunity for that much-needed social outlet.

5) Volunteer.

Countless service groups and organizations could use your help. The payback won’t be in dollars, but it’ll be priceless. Assisting others, on any level, will give you a sense of satisfaction and fulfillment, and make you feel viable again. Also, just like the interest groups, volunteering will help you connect with other people.

While it may be tempting to sit at home and wallow, it’s unproductive and doesn’t solve anything. Seclusion will not help you in your recovery process. In fact, it just makes a bad situation worse. Pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and rejoin the land of the living.


There is No Fear Being Single

Do you ever fear of being single forever? This fear of being single is so widespread that in our day to day life someone or the other is either trying to find someone, or forget someone or deal with someone. The desire to be with someone and being loved is one of the most fundamental human needs. And when a person is afraid of being single, he has a nagging feeling that he is destined to be alone forever, or maybe he is full of flaws. But this is just a fear and not a reality. You must know that you are a worthy person and deserved to be loved. Don’t let fear of being single guide your life.

Start with being gentle with yourself…

There is an inner-voice in us that constantly analyses everything about our life. We engage in positive and negative self-talks that has an impact on our feelings. So when your inner voice says discouraging things such as, “I am so stupid”, “I am ugly”, “I always mess things up” and the like, your insecurity increases and you start believing that you are worthless. Be gentle with yourself. May be someone else made you believe you are unworthy but it does not matter what other say about you because you know the truth. Forgive yourself for mistakes that you have done and tell your inner voice to leave you alone. If you keep on focusing on your limitations, you will trick yourself into believing that no one wants to be with you.

Increase your value by having confidence in yourself. Confidence is attractive because if you believe you are valuable, so will others. So start increasing your confidence and self-esteem. If you come across as a person who is confident and love yourself you will be in peace with yourself. Study as much as you can on the subject and start practicing all that you have learned. Try new things, experiment and find out how much fun you can have with yourself. Meditate and create positive self-affirmations and you will begin to heal yourself from all the negativity around you.

Transform your thinking about the opposite sex

You may have bad experience with someone for which your belief about opposite sex has changed. You may believe that all men are jerks or all women are gold diggers. But the truth is there are still many good men and women out there waiting for true love. However if you hold these negative thoughts about the opposite sex, your fear of staying single will increase since you are constantly telling yourself that there is no good person left.

Today’s society has put tremendous pressure on us to be in a relationship and this is especially true for women. No matter how successful you are, you are forced to believe that you can’t be happy if you do not have someone in your life. This makes being single something like a failure. But the truth is that you are far from being a failure. If you want you could be in a relationship today but you want to wait or maybe you have taken time to heal yourself from a previous relationship.

Change the way you think about being single. Once you shift your perspective and create an optimistic view about yourself you will no more fear of being single. Being single is actually an opportunity for growth and self-discovery.


Guide To Make Best Marriage Proposal

Proposing is a very big deal, both for the man and the woman involved in it. The man needs to work up the courage to ask the question, while the woman will get really emotional and cry. For women this moment is not only emotional, but highly important. They will talk with their girlfriends about this subject for days or weeks. Every one of her friends will know about how and when you proposed. Not to even mention the crazy talks about the ring she has.

So here are some tips for the best marriage proposal:

  • Plan Ahead – Planning is one of the most important things you can do. Pick a location, a date and make a speech before proposing. The talk before popping the question is important. It can make you girl teary or not. But if you prepare ahead, you will definitely impress your girl.
  • Talk To Her Parents – Even though it is a very traditional thing to do, do it. She will definitely appreciate that you have gone through all the effort to speak with her parents. And if she likes traditions, it is even better.
  • Pick The Ring or Let Her Do It – Some future brides are very particular when it comes to their jewelry. So, if you have noticed a pattern about what rings she likes and which she hates, you can easily pick a ring. On the other hand, if your girl is quite picky, I suggest you take her with you. This way there won’t be any unpleasant surprises ahead.
  • Go Big – Instead of picking a random location, pick a personal one. Maybe the spot where you two met or where you two had your first date. Get creative. Imply hobbies and likes into your proposal. Make your speech great, but not too clingy. Make it funny and adorable. Let her know why you want to marry her, what you like about her and why you love her so much. Do not just throw those magic words and expect some great reaction from her. She needs to be swept of her feet so be ready for that.
  • It Is All About Intimacy – While proposing in front of her family, friends or strangers, in the middle of the street or at a sports even sounds fun, it is not. The marriage proposal is a thing that should be intimate. Let her have her moment. Let her cry her eyes out and then make love to you all night. If you ask her in front of the family or some random people her reaction might be a bit awkward. Women get very emotional when it comes to proposals and this is why they should be kept private. Crying in front of your lover is awkward enough, let alone crying in front of some strangers. Get intimate and do it so she can remember it.

The marriage proposal is all about the passion, the intimacy and the fire. Follow these tips and your marriage proposal will be great.


Tips For Ask The Proposal Question

Google it and you will find 258 million results on the various ways to propose. You need to make your marriage proposal personal; use your creativity to prepare in popping up that special question.

Why is proposal necessary? Why do you have to do it? Will it in any way improve your relationship? Is the proposal a must in a relationship, or can you do away with it because it was just concocted by enterprising businessmen to increase their sale of engagement rings? Is popping the question, “Will you marry me?” while on bended knees really romantic?

History of the Proposal

The marriage proposal dates back in the Old Testament of the Holy Bible.

Marriage is sacred and preparation for it is essential to consummate a lasting relationship. Making the proposal on bended knee has no historical origin but the act signifies faith, honor, and surrender. We would normally kneel when praying so proposing on bended knees is like one’s faithful commitment to the love of his life. Knights kneel while being awarded honor by kings and queens; proposing on bended knees is waiting for your girl friend to honor and accept your marriage proposal. Proposing on bended knees is like telling your girl friend that you completely surrendering to your relationship and that you vow to make your relationship happy forever.

Preparing for the Proposal

For most women, the proposal is one of their most awaited moments in their lives.

They fantasize about it, day dream about it and expect it to be very romantic. It is for this very reason that the boy friend exerts effort to make the moment very special and memorable. The boy friend makes tedious preparation for the proposal date. He selects a sentimental location, a place they love and has a special meaning to their relationship. Sometimes, he will share this special moment with family and friends by either inviting them to the event proper or asking them to help him prepare for the event. He would hire a photographer and a videographer to document their special moment. If the place warrants, he will add a romantic music or their theme song during the proposal. To add to the excitement, he may add flowers to decorate the place of his choice as symbol of their love. Normally, he would ask the big question towards the evening; evening being more romantic than a morning or afternoon proposal. He prepares for his speech as the words would mean everything to his bride-to-be. He needs to speak the words from his heart. All these preparations are to be cherished and bragged about to their children and to their grandchildren. The material symbol, the engagement ring, is normally passed on to the next generation.

However, no matter how memorable, romantic, and cheesy a proposal may be, it is not a guarantee for a successful marriage. The proposal can be a reminder to the couple that they share lovely moments and because of these happy memories they should reconsider parting ways when tough times come. However, the proposal, that cherished memory will not guarantee a complete and lasting marriage.